Breaking Down Credit Card Equipment: The Vx 520 and Vx 670

Credit card equipment can be just as important for a merchant as the rates they get from their credit card processor.

So for today’s blog, lets take a look at two top of the line pieces of credit card equipment, the Vx 520 and Vx 670.

The Vx 520 is a counter-top credit card processing device that handles encryption and decryption. the Vx 520 is also fast when it comes to transactions, thanks to the 400 MHz ARM 11 32-bit processor and expandable memory.

As far as payments are concerned, the Vx 520 can support alternative payments such as credit card and debit, and also accepts gift cards and loyalty cards as well.

It can support different connectivity options like dial-up or IP. To add to its flexibility  the Vx 520 has an optional battery, that allows to to go wherever you go.

The most important part of the Vx 520 though, is how it’s expected to be Verifone’s solution to EMV cards. While there is no current estimation on EMV functionality in the US, having the Vx 520 will keep merchants prepared and ready to accept EMV cards when the functionality is implemented.

If you’re looking for mobility though, the Vx 670 is for you. It’s an all-in-one wireless handheld payment device. It’s small, sleek and secure. The wireless functionality makes it great for restaurants, bars, or transportation operations.

Because it’s always on the move, the Vx 670 is designed to be drop and spill resistant.

Staying up-to-date on the latest credit card equipment is extremely important to us at National Debit Card Network. While we don’t stock either the 520 or 670, we do reprogram them for a merchant looking to switch their credit card processor without having to swap out their existing terminals.

Want to find out more about the 520 and 670? Check out Verifone’s site for more information.