Which Credit Card Should You Use For Your Business?

A recent article from cardhub.com discussed which credit cards were the most friendly for small businesses.

As a small business, National Debit Card Network understands how it’s important for you to get the most out of the type of credit card you choose for your business.

And while National Debit Card Network can help you with your credit card processing by providing you with low rates, we can also help you financially by passing the information from cardhub.com onto you.

  • When it comes to small business and credit cards, Bank of America seems to be the most small business friendly. It’s also the only credit card that extended the CARD act protections to business-branded cards.
  • Every major credit card company holds it’s customers liable for the usage of their business credit card.
  • Out of the eight major credit card issuers, Citibank is the only one that doesn’t report business card usage to the customer’s personal credit report.
  • All the major credit card issuers uses personal data to determine eligibility.
  • All of the major credit card companies have some CARD Act protections, which points to signs that the law may eventually apply to business credit cards.
  • The only two major credit card companies that don’t offer business credit cards are Barclaycard US and USAA.

The cardhub.com article also includes a overall scores and information chart, which would be helpful for any small business owner who is serious about getting a business credit card.

Getting the right business credit card is a big move, so make sure you have plenty of information to find the one that fits your needs.

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